Check out Laguna Beach and our surf school featured as #3 for best places to travel and surf as a beginner!

Starting the surf school to add to our surfing options at CSE has been great. Surf Lessons have been a huge success. We get to meet new people daily and share the love we have for surfing with them! Its never to late to learn and always to much fun! Come on down and join us for a surf lesson in Laguna Beach. We just recently made our site so you can book online! See you soon!

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Stephan From Ireland enjoying his first time surfing for a week long Surf Camp At California Surf Experience! Enjoy! 




Surf Lesson Laguna Beach 2/25/16 Video

Epic day on the water during our surf lesson in Laguna Beach. Perfect waves and super star surfers on their first ever surf lesson riding multiple waves from beginning to end. The surf lesson took place at Thalia street Laguna Beach, CA. Couldn't have had better conditions. The girls were killing it!  Side note - Video ends at 1:00 


Epic day for learning to surf In Laguna Beach on 2/25/17

The sun was shining and the waves were 2-3ft with crystal blue water. Perfect day to learn how to surf! These girls had a blast and hope to come back soon. Thanks for joining California Surf Experience for the best Laguna Beach surf lesson.





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Laguna beach surfing lessons

February 07, 2017

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California Surf Experience is expanding!  We will be providing surf lessons in Laguna Beach starting Spring 2017. We will provide the best equipment and the best surf instructors hand picked by world traveling competitive surfer and owner of CSE Ryan Croteau guaranteeing you will "Surf with the best." 


We chose Laguna beach as our surf school location because we have been teaching here for over 6 years. Laguna Beach is our favorite. The iconic beach town in Southern CA. Known for its high end real estate mixed with a laid back atmosphere in a cool coastal artist influenced town. Tourism in Laguna thrives in summer time. With over 6 million visitors a year many wish to go surfing in this beautiful town. Surfing in Laguna just adds to the great vibe. During your surf lesson you are surrounded by beautiful beaches overlooked by coastal mountain ranged and luxury homes. At California Surf Experience we strive to provide you with the best surf lesson in Laguna beach with the friendliest Laid back local Laguna style surf instructors.


Call 949-532-7277 to book your Surf lesson in Laguna Beach!

Or email if outside the US.


See you soon!

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When preparing for a surfing holiday to a surf camp bringing your own gear always comes to mind. The thought of bringing your magic board or leaving it at home. My advice would be that its all based on your skill level. If you have only been surfing for a few months to a year and you just got your first board that you love so much its going to be hard to leave it behind but its probably best, but if you feel the need to bring it of course! I know the feeling of being in love with that magic board! Although, after surfing for a year you’re most likely riding a beginner type fun board which most surf camps provide for their guest. If your more of an advanced surfer its a different story. Maybe you have a few boards at home, your doing turns off the lip, and surfing at a level way past the fun beginner board days then I recommend bringing your board or boards with you. I personally travel with 2-4 boards each trip I go on. I’m surfing heavier waves with a high possibility to break one, also I have a board in my quiver for each different wave type. For example, if you’re an advanced surfer staying out our surf camp in California and your looking to score some of the best waves of your life. One day of your trip if the swells down you may be surfing waist high waves in Huntington beach aka “surf city.” Home of the US OPEN of surfing yet also home of some of the mushiest waves in Orange County. This day you want to bust out your small wave board for speed and getting across flat sections. A giant swell can come in during your stay and the surf guides can take you to some more serious waves like the heavier beach breaks of Newport beach where your going to want a board for better waves and hollower barrels. Our surf camp does provide high performance boards along with beginner boards but for some people its always nice to feel comfortable traveling with trusted equipment. The down fall of traveling with your boards is board bag fees from airlines. Some airlines can really get you good and charge up to $200 per bag or $100 per board. Sometimes you can get lucky and they wont open the bag and check but with 2-3 boards in a bag on a round trip flight… you get the point. That can be a rough charge on the card. So be sure to check your baggage fees before you book your ticket. Even if you have to purchase a ticket that cost a little more for an airline that charges less. Overall you’re still saving. In a short review if your coming to our surf camp in California we have good boards for high performance surfing and we also have beginner boards. Not only that we have really good connections on buying quality new boards where you can get one custom made. Ready for you when you arrive. Also great used board connections. Its always an option to opt out of that first board bag fee, save some money, and when you arrive find an epic board to purchase or have a custom waiting for you. Then bring it home and have an epic souvenir and a quality shred stick. We get a lot of Surf camp guest from Europe where boards are much more expensive especially in Scandinavia where cost of surf board materials are much higher. Making surfboards more difficult to find at reasonable prices. So just let us know in advance before arriving to the surf camp and we’ll arrange all that for you.


 Happy surfing, See you soon!



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When I mention “surf camp” to most American people they just assume you work at a place in the summer pushing frothing kids into waves. But if you mention it to an American who has traveled the world or a European surfer they know exactly what you’re talking about. Why is this you may ask? Well most surf camps in the united states are summer camps that operate in the day where kids get dropped off for a few hours and learn to surf. That is not what we mean when we talk about our surf camp. Our surf camp is far from that. Our surf camp is an adult surf camp similar to the ones you may have visited around the globe outside of the United States. Europe for example is full of overnight surf camps. Where you show up solo or with a crew of friends and spend a week or so meeting new people, surfing epic waves, eating local food etc. There aren’t many of these in the US very few actually. Our surf camp being centrally located in Orange county separates us from any other surf camps around the world. What really separates us from any other camp in the world is how personalized our camp is. You can choose between a range of houses for you or your group of friends. Everyday you get a private surf guide taking you to the best spots based on your skill level. Unlike other camps where you book a room at their place and just surf out front of the camp without many options to go explore and really see the place. All the equipment we have is available for you to use, and of course our friendly staff is some of the best in the world. Your surf guides are more than just average surf guides. Certain staff members shape surfboards and can provide insight on the equipment your riding or even give a lesson on how the board is made. Other staff members have surfed competitively around the globe and can really point out what your doing right and wrong in the water and take your surfing to a new level with one on one coaching and video analysis.  Let alone just visiting a surf camp in California is very unique experience because it’s the mecca of the surf industry, there are waves year round, epic sites to see, and of course when you think of surfing in the US you instantly think of California. Surfing was pioneered in California and is the dream surfing location. All these things add to the whole experience. Hence the name California Surf Experience, we strive to give you just that. An epic California surf experience, a memory you will never forget.


There are many surf lesson operators in Orange County, so how do you narrow it down to the best one and where do you go?

You basically have 4 locations to choose from.

Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente

In Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, from what I've seen as an everyday surfer and surf school observer, you get a short lesson in white water waves and a lot of walking in shallow water with short wave lengths. Don't get me wrong, riding the white water is a nice way to learn but it can either:

A) Get old after a while and you're going to want to move to the next step pretty quickly.


B) You're going to repeatedly have waves crashing on you in shallow water and you will not be able to make it past a certain point. This can become a bit tiring with non-stop water in the face. 

This video shows how this style of teaching can go:

In Laguna Beach at California Surf Experience we have an expert staff and perform a detailed beach instruction so that we can take you straight to the green waves with the safety of sitting out past the breakers. Meaning you're riding a wave before it breaks and turns into white water. This is a safe way to learn and way more fun for both a single person and a whole group. This is even great for kids, as they get the real surfing experience instead of just splashing around and falling in white water with constant waves crashing on them. 

Also after your first lesson riding the outside green waves in Laguna Beach, you can be at a way higher level of surfing at the end of the lesson than you'll be after any other ordinary white water lesson, because you're learning how to paddle out, not walk out through the white water. You're learning how to read the ocean and catch waves. The following day or next lesson you could take part of one of our daily surf guiding adventures to a longer wave like the famous San Onofre State Beach. Here you can take what you have learned in the Laguna Beach surf lesson instead and surf some more quality advanced waves in just a few days of learning. 

Here is a video of a group that took a beginner lesson in Laguna Beach

The waves were really small that day but we focused on paddling out and catching waves with the surf instructors close by. The in depth teaching meant that the next day they could be on their own in some longer waves.

The following day we took off on a surf guided adventure where the surfers were catching waves mostly on their own. They were riding really long waves and enjoyed a full all inclusive day at the beach, trying new boards and really taking it to the next level. ONE DAY LATER... CRAZY! This is unheard of for a second time surfing, so it's really important to choose the surf school with the best guides. Here is the video of day two

So there you have it: a break down on beginner surf lessons in Orange County from someone who has taught surfing for years, surfed all over the world competitively, and studied various surf instruction techniques by visiting surf camps all over the world.

California is an iconic place to learn how to surf. If you're interested in learning from the best in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach, California, here you go!

Learn to surf Laguna Beach, surf lesson





I often get asked "When is the best time to come surf California?" And I basically narrow it down into the 4 seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring. California has a very large coastline with a variety of waves to ride. Our surf camp is located in Orange County, which is 45 minutes south of Los Angeles Air Port and is in the southern region of the state. This area gets swell year round and you can basically surf every day of the year if you're really dedicated.

So let me break down for you what each season has to offer 

Summer time in California - In summer we get south swells and warmer water. Swells form off the coast of Mexico from June - September and Orange County lights up for surf. Why? Because Orange County beaches face south and west. When we get a swell from the south or south west the whole area is pumping. This is the most consistent time of year for Orange County beaches. In summer months you're going to see epic waves at the iconic Trestles surf break, Salt Creek point will have roping lefts, the infamous jetties of Newport Beach will be barreling lefts and of course the largest waves in Orange County peak up at The Wedge with waves up to 30ft on a huge swell. For beginners there are always spots with smaller surf, like Laguna Beach or the lower jetties in Newport Beach which face more north. So when it's 30ft at the wedge our guides know where to look to find 2-3ft waves for a beginner group. That shows the diversity of waves in summertime in Orange County. The downfall of summertime is the overload of tourism and crowds. Our surf guides definitely know how to avoid a crowd and search for waves in less looked areas, but you can't always dodge the beach goers and weekend warriors. Summertime in California is the place to be and can be quite busy but definitely the most consistent tropical warmer water surf.


Fall - This is my personal favorite time of year for surf in California. After September rolls by, the weekend crowds leave and the tourists all seem to vanish. The lineups are more empty and the waves pump with swells from the south and north - we call these "combo swells." This creates epic peaks at the beach breaks to go left or right whereas summertime the south swells create more rides going left. During this time we also get very favorable offshore winds with epic conditions all day. You also get a taste of north swells during the fall so it's refreshing to get a new feeling of wave types in the area! 


Winter - Wintertime to me is a sense of relief. It's a great time to visit the surf camp and spend a week or two, because you will really get a lot of adventure time on the road. In wintertime Orange County is sort of in what we call the "Catalina Shadow." Just off the Orange County coastline is an island called Catalina Island, and when the waves come from the north, the island kind of blocks swell. Don't get me wrong - there are basically waves in the OC every day in winter with no crowds. You can expect a 2-4ft waves most days, but what I enjoy the most about winter is the size of waves north and south of Orange County. San Diego County (south) and Santa Barbara County (north) are more north facing and the famous waves like Rincon Point in Santa Barbara, and Black's Beach in San Diego turn on all winter. Winter time to visit and experience the smaller OC waves but also to maybe take your surfing to a new level in some bigger surf on a few road trips during your stay. Wintertime also provides longer right hand rides at most point breaks, so you can really work on maneuvers and length of ride. Keep in mind the only slight downfall for winter is that the water temperature is a bit colder. I personally enjoy waking up early to a cold morning, a hot cup of coffee and hitting the road for a dawn patrol session with less crowd. Expect to wear a 3/2 wetsuit with booties. For morning times a 4/3 wetsuit is nice. 


Spring - Spring is nice because the water start to warm up and because we once again  get swells from the north but also the start of south swells, so those ideal combo swells come back with peaky beach break conditions. This is a great time to sneak in the last north swell sessions at the long right hand point breaks while most people have had enough and are looking forward to summer. It is a great time to score epic surf!


Summary - California is one of the few places in the world with epic year-round surf. You can't go wrong in booking a ticket to California. You can spend money on overpriced hotels and rental cars and search around not really knowing where to look. Or you can join professional surf guides with included transportation, epic surf camp house accommodation, and you will be guaranteed to to score waves. You'll possibly experience strong winds or flat spells other places you may go. Here in California, with the right surf guides that know where to go, this will not happen. See you soon!