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When preparing for a surfing holiday to a surf camp bringing your own gear always comes to mind. The thought of bringing your magic board or leaving it at home. My advice would be that its all based on your skill level. If you have only been surfing for a few months to a year and you just got your first board that you love so much its going to be hard to leave it behind but its probably best, but if you feel the need to bring it of course! I know the feeling of being in love with that magic board!

Although, after surfing for a year you’re most likely riding a beginner type fun board which most surf camps provide for their guest. If your more of an advanced surfer its a different story. Maybe you have a few boards at home, your doing turns off the lip, and surfing at a level way past the fun beginner board days then I recommend bringing your board or boards with you. I personally travel with 2-4 boards each trip I go on. I’m surfing heavier waves with a high possibility to break one, also I have a board in my quiver for each different wave type. For example, if you’re an advanced surfer staying out our surf camp in California and your looking to score some of the best waves of your life.

One day of your trip if the swells down you may be surfing waist high waves in Huntington beach aka “surf city.” Home of the US OPEN of surfing yet also home of some of the mushiest waves in Orange County. This day you want to bust out your small wave board for speed and getting across flat sections. A giant swell can come in during your stay and the surf guides can take you to some more serious waves like the heavier beach breaks of Newport beach where your going to want a board for better waves and hollower barrels.

Our surf camp does provide high performance boards along with beginner boards but for some people its always nice to feel comfortable traveling with trusted equipment. The down fall of traveling with your boards is board bag fees from airlines. Some airlines can really get you good and charge up to $200 per bag or $100 per board. Sometimes you can get lucky and they wont open the bag and check but with 2-3 boards in a bag on a round trip flight… you get the point. That can be a rough charge on the card. So be sure to check your baggage fees before you book your ticket. Even if you have to purchase a ticket that cost a little more for an airline that charges less.

Overall you’re still saving. In a short review if your coming to our surf camp in California we have good boards for high performance surfing and we also have beginner boards. Not only that we have really good connections on buying quality new boards where you can get one custom made. Ready for you when you arrive. Also great used board connections. Its always an option to opt out of that first board bag fee, save some money, and when you arrive find an epic board to purchase or have a custom waiting for you.

Then bring it home and have an epic souvenir and a quality shred stick. We get a lot of Surf camp guest from Europe where boards are much more expensive especially in Scandinavia where cost of surf board materials are much higher. Making surfboards more difficult to find at reasonable prices. So just let us know in advance before arriving to the surf camp and we’ll arrange all that for you.

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