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Quick Details

1-Hour Video Call

Expertise for your next trip!

Schedule a 1 hour video call with Coach Ryan Croteau to fine tune your surfing or to help plan your next adventure!

This service is perfect for the surfer looking to have some one on one time with an expert and get to the next level.

Coach Ryan has been all over the world for competition and self travel and is very well connected with great accommodations and can help plan your next surf trip out of the country.

List of places he can really help:
Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Florida, Nicaragua, Baja, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Waco.

Examples of online sessions:

  • Have an online expert analyze your footage.
  • Ask questions about your surf trip to SoCal. Tides, surf spots, crowds, accommodation etc. Gather the information you need well in advance with a local to plan the perfect California surf trip.
  • Travel abroad!
  • Learn to read the tide charts and surf forecasting.
  • Custom Advice – Get advice based on your preferences and surf style.
  • Board selection, most beginners buy the wrong board. Hire Ryan to help you browse online for the correct board for your height, weight and skill level. Selecting the wrong board can cost you months of progress and hundreds of dollars.