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What separates california surf experience surf camp from other surf camps

When I mention “surf camp” to most American people they just assume you work at a place in the summer pushing frothing kids into waves. But if you mention it to an American who has traveled the world or a European surfer they know exactly what you’re talking about. Why is this you may ask?

Well most surf camps in the united states are summer camps that operate in the day where kids get dropped off for a few hours and learn to surf. That is not what we mean when we talk about our surf camp. Our surf camp is far from that. Our surf camp is an adult surf camp similar to the ones you may have visited around the globe outside of the United States.

Europe for example is full of overnight surf camps. Where you show up solo or with a crew of friends and spend a week or so meeting new people, surfing epic waves, eating local food etc. There aren’t many of these in the US very few actually. Our surf camp being centrally located in Orange county separates us from any other surf camps around the world. What really separates us from any other camp in the world is how personalized our camp is. You can choose between a range of houses for you or your group of friends.

Everyday you get a private surf guide taking you to the best spots based on your skill level. Unlike other camps where you book a room at their place and just surf out front of the camp without many options to go explore and really see the place. All the equipment we have is available for you to use, and of course our friendly staff is some of the best in the world. Your surf guides are more than just average surf guides. Certain staff members shape surfboards and can provide insight on the equipment your riding or even give a lesson on how the board is made.

Other staff members have surfed competitively around the globe and can really point out what your doing right and wrong in the water and take your surfing to a new level with one on one coaching and video analysis.  Let alone just visiting a surf camp in California is very unique experience because it’s the mecca of the surf industry, there are waves year round, epic sites to see, and of course when you think of surfing in the US you instantly think of California.

Surfing was pioneered in California and is the dream surfing location. All these things add to the whole experience. Hence the name California Surf Experience, we strive to give you just that. An epic California surf experience, a memory you will never forget.

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