Surfing California / spots


San Diego has pumping surf with surf spots around every corner, 60 miles of coastline attracting swell form every direction. Our expert guides will get you to the right San Diego surf spot that matches your skills and desires. San Diego is very diverse, offering Reef breaks like La Jolla, point breaks, and beach breaks like the famous Blacks Beach. All close by so we can score a variety of spots just on a day trip!


Orange county is the epicenter of the surf industry for a reason, pumping surf all around! Orange county offers up all types of surf from high performance waves like the one and only trestles surf break which is an area that has multiple waves in just a short distance. Lower trestles is a spot where every pro goes for the lowers pro world tour event but don’t let that scare you this is a perfect wave for the intermediate surfer to improve their technique and catch the longest wave of their life. Just down the road San Onofre a classic peeling wave that breaks so long its hard to believe! Orange county is also known for other great surf spots like Doheny beach a world class long board wave, Huntington pier home of the US OPEN OF SURFING, Newport beach where you can see the biggest surf in the area at “The Wedge” It’s a great area year round with a lot of options to surf multiple types of waves in a close radius.


Los Angeles isn’t all about Hollywood, movie stars, and fancy cars. Los Angeles area offers world class surf too!  Los Angeles has everything from point breaks like Malibu where surfing was pioneered, kelpie reef breaks, and beach breaks. Don’t be surprised to see the occasional movie star in the line up. LA has it all to experience the California dream you see in movies. The good thing about spending a day in LA is after a surf it is a great place to go sight seeing. You can check Venice, Hollywood, downtown, or the Sunset Strip of the bucket list. And who knows you may become the next big thing and never leave! Our guides are full of energy so We provide the most fun you can imagine with an LA trip that most people only dream about