Martin d'Origny Lübecker

Born in Brazil raised in Denmark. Martin Has spent the past 14 years in the mountains around the world skiing until recently falling in love with surfing and the connection to the ocean a few years ago.  Martin is a beginner surfer who is learning the hard way surfing in Denmark where waves are generated by strong winds. The surf is small and windy almost all the time making it difficult to improve. Being a beginner he is always happy to learn and improve so he is great to talk to before a trip to California. We like to say that what he lacks in the water he makes up for in the kitchen, always preparing a great meal for the crew! He is social butterfly and always happy with a very friendly personality.

Beside being a surfer and ski guide, Martin has a Masters degree in Digital Communication and a BA in Sports & Science. Yet simply, Martin is just a warm, kind surfer and loves to facilitate the most amazing experiences and that’s why he is our go to contact for Europe and our apart of our unique surfing family!